Is the Electric Blanket a Marital Aid? (Jill Barrett's Weekly Blog)

Posted on 15 January 2016

Hello, and as it’s actually starting to get cold I thought I’d devote this week’s blog to the bedroom wonder and well known marital aid that is the electric blanket. ‘Pardon!?’ I hear you say, the humble electric blanket a ‘marital aid’? Let me explain...

The Electric Blanket a Marital Aid? (Jill Barrett’s Weekly Blog)

Before I bought one for Michael for Christmas a few years ago (yes, we are that Rock n’ Roll) I have to admit I was dead against them. I thought they were an old fashioned, fuddy-duddy idea which had no place in our modern boudoir. Having had one when he was a nipper in Belfast, Michael was insistent and eventually he persuaded me to give it a go.

So why am I now an electric blanket advocate? For the simple reason that getting into a toasty warm bed is a such a delicious pleasure. You’ve had a long, hard day, it’s cold, wet and windy outside (just like last night). The central heating has gone off ages ago and the bedroom has a winter chill about it, or in our case 'a damp caravan in Kenmore' feel about it. Unless you have flannelette sheets and duvet cover to ease the temperature transition, then getting into a cold bed is something of an ordeal. 

Enter the electric blanket equipped bed, pre-warmed for 5-10 minutes (about the time to complete your bedtime ablutions), and the journey into bed is transformed into a joyous event. This experience is magnified if you have a super comfy bed, such as a Staples, Hypnos or Dunlopillo.

Now, regarding the title of this blog i.e the electric blanket being a ‘marital aid’. All I can say is that in my experience a warm bed is much more conducive to a good cuddle than a cold one! 

I'm not the only one to go over to the 'warm' side with electric blankets. My Mum (and co-founder of Barretts) absolutely loves hers (also a Christmas present). Plus Debbie in Linens recently bought one and had to buy another for her daughter as they couldn't get her out of their bed!


The Electric Blanket a Marital Aid? (Jill Barrett’s Weekly Blog)
15% OFF Beurer Monogram Comfort  Electric Blanket
Was £65, Winter Sale price for a Single £55.25


At Barretts we stock the fabulous quality Monogram Komfort range from German company Beurer. I listed the great features this ‘Rolls Royce’ of the electric blanket world below offers:

  • It has a lovely soft fleecy cover, adding to the comfort.
  • Double sizes and bigger have dual controllers, so if you ‘like it hot’ and your partner doesn’t, the Beurer will let you live (and sleep) in harmony.
  • It works just like a fitted sheet and designed to be non-slip, so no lying in strange positions when trying to find the heat.
  • It heats up in just 8 minutes!
  • Each controller has a timer, allowing you keep your side of the blanket on for 1, 3, 6 or 12 hours. Or you can just turn it off on the controller before you go to sleep.
  • It’s perfectly safe to leave and sleep on through the whole night - great for those sub-0C nights which we are bound to get in the next few weeks.
  • It’s machine washable at 30C and tumble dryer safe, so really easier to care for.


 The Electric Blanket a Marital Aid? (Jill Barrett’s Weekly Blog) The Electric Blanket a Marital Aid? (Jill Barrett’s Weekly Blog) 


I hope I've managed to convince you, and if I have then now is a great time to ‘get some heat into your bed’, with 15% off all Linens including the Beurer Monogram Comfort Electric Blanket.


That’s it for now, next week I'll tell you about the trending colours for 2016!




The Electric Blanket a Marital Aid? (Jill Barrett’s Weekly Blog)


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