Jill's first blog - Autumn Show Report

Posted on 11 September 2015

Welcome to my first blog on our brand new website! I’ll be giving you a weekly update on all things home furnishings, with new trends, tips and advice, and the latest home fashion news.  Hope you find them useful, and a good read!

This week Store Manager (and my Fiancé) Michael and I spent a few days at the Autumn Show at the NEC - the season’s number one event for gift and home trade. This is great for looking for new products and ideas ahead of Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter and Spring 2016. 

Overall it was a great show and we’ve put a few orders in for some lovely new things.  I’ve included some photos below of what you can see in the store very soon.  

Last year we were let down at the last minute by our Christmas Cracker supplier, and we spotted some beautiful cracker designs from Penny Kennedy.

Barretts of Woodbridge Christmas Crackers

I’m trying choose between Madeleine Floyd and Emma Bridgewater… In the end I got both!

Another favourite is Amber Bright Creations who supply our Edison Light Bulbs and lamps, including new pendant lamps we’ve just hung up in the shop. They have some funky new and colourful jar lamps which we fell in love with.

Barretts of Woodbridge new Edison Jar Lamps

Enjoying the bright lights at the Autumn Show

It’s been a while since we got some new clocks in the store, so it was very timely (see what I did there?) that we spotted some dinky retro alarm clocks in great colours from regular suppliers Art Marketing. Plus they don’t tick like the old ones!

Barretts of Woodbridge new clocks from Art Marketing

At last I have time on my hands!

With Winter well on it’s way, the microwaveable cuddly warmers from Intelex are just what we need. And there is now a pug version to cuddle up to at night - a must Christmas present for all the pug lovers out there!

Barretts of Woodbridge new Mircowaveable Warmer Pugs!

Getting up close and personal with the new pug microwaveable warmer

Snow globes are never far from Michael’s mind, especially German Musical Snow Globes. At the Autumn Show he found some new designs to add to this year’s already delivered collection - and they have the perpetual snow function! He was beside himself…

Barretts of Woodbridge new German Musical Snow Globes

Michael getting all unnecessary about new German Musical Snow Globes

We were running low on mirrors so that was a priority at the show. We’ve ordered several models from Gallery Home and I took a particular shine to a new copper design - very en trend.

Barretts of Woodbridge new copper mirror

Me reflecting on how the show is going…

We also caught a fashion show which was a lovely bonus.  We certainly don’t have any plans to go into ladies fashion, there are plenty of lovely ladies clothes shops already in Woodbridge!

Autumn Show Fashion Show

White is the colour for 2016!


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