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Posted on 13 August 2016

Hello! This week I want to highlight something new and special in our Soft Furnishings Department.  Whilst I often see some gorgeous fabric and wallpaper from our top textile house suppliers, it’s not every day I get so excited about a new collection. The amazing thing is, the designer did his work over 130 years ago! I’m talking about William Morris, and the Morris & Co ‘Pure’ collection. You’re probably thinking how can Mr Morris design a new collection? Well, let me explain…

William Morris 'Pure' Collection at Barretts
Pure 'Strawberry Thief' fabric -  £38 per metre

It’s not a well known fact that when William Morris first painted many of his most iconic designs such as the original ‘Strawberry Thief’ and ‘Willow Bough’, they were produced in neutral tones. At the time in Victorian Britain elaborate and bold colours were all the rage, and these more muted designs proved not to be commercial. Morris demonstrated his adaptability by introducing strong colours, particularly to ‘Strawberry Thief’, and producing the finished designs we all now know and love. Times have changed and for people who like to have a little more texture and subtlety to their materials, the ‘Pure’ collection offers this in abundance.

William Morris 'Pure' Collection at Barretts
Pure 'Willow Bough Embroidery', £110 per metre

It is a truly enchanting collection of fabrics and wallpaper designed for the “Free-spirits, the truth-seekers and the quiet contemplators”. Perfect for Barretts' customers! You can really soften the look and feel of a room with the neutral shades of the bold pattered wallpaper and flowing fabrics. It’s so fresh and organic, and great for someone who loves the classic designs but may have been a little worried about bringing the bold colours of William Morris into a room. What's more, it works so well in a contemporary setting too.

William Morris 'Pure' Collection at Barretts
Pure 'Strawberry Thief' Wallpaper - £95 per roll 

My personal favourite is the ‘Pure Net Ceiling Applique’, it’s a gorgeous embroidery with plenty of detail and texture and will instantly introduce interest and beauty to a room. I particularly love the way it softens the raw brick wall in the image below - they really look lovely together. 

William Morris 'Pure' Collection at Barretts
Pure 'Net Ceiling 
Applique' - £115pm

This new collection is also great value and a good opportunity to get original Morris designs into your home. You can have ‘Pure Strawberry Thief’ fabric for just £38.00 per metre, going up to the fabulous ‘Pure Ceiling Embroidery’ at £145.00 per metre.  I mean, £38 per metre for a stunning William Morris print - what a bargain!

William Morris 'Pure' Collection at Barretts
Pure 'Strawberry Thief Embroidery' - £125 per metre

Why not have a look at the Morris & Co website to see the complete collection. I've included a wonderfully dreamy video below which oozes all the qualities William Morris ‘Pure’ can give your home.

Hope to see you in the store soon!


William Morris 'Pure' Collection at Barretts


William Morris 'Pure' Collection at Barretts
Pure 'Willow Bough Embroidery', £110 per metre

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