Barretts - a Covid Secure Store

Posted on 11 June 2020

How we've made Barretts a Covid Secure Store

Barretts is re-opening this Monday 15th June, 9.30am and we wanted to re-assure you that we have taken all required precautions to ensure we are a Covid Secure store.

Barretts - a COVID secure store

Please bear with us on the changes we have made, hopefully your browsing and shopping experience at Barretts will still be as lovely as ever. We will constantly monitor how it all goes, and discuss Covid Security daily and in our weekly team meetings. We will also make any changes required promptly. 

The safety of our customers and staff is absolutely vital, and together can all help to defeat this awful virus.

The list below outlines all the actions we have taken, and there’s a few photos as well:

Risk Assessments Barretts has carried out

  • Return to Work Risk Assessment
  • Building Re-occupation Risk Assessment
  • Covid Secure Risk Assessment
  • A review of all existing Risk Assessment, including wiring, PAT, fire and gas boiler



  • All our staff will wear latex gloves throughout the day
  • All staff have their own personal face visor and face mask
  • If we can’t maintain 2m distance from our customer, or a customer would prefer, we will wear a face covering 

Barretts - a Covid Secure store 

Staff Personal Checklist

  • All staff have the following double sided daily Covid Secure checklist
  • All our Delivery Team and Measure & Estimate Team have the following additional Covid Secure checklist:

 Barretts - a Covid Secure store

  • We've also asked our staff not to come into work if they have Covid symptoms


Store Signage

  • We have ‘Do not enter if you have Covid symptoms’ signs at each store entrance 
  • There is a new one way system in the store, with floor pointers
  • Each desk has a socially distant ‘Stand Here’ floor sign
  • If too many people are in the store to maintain a safe distance, we will start to manage numbers coming in

Barretts - a Covid Secure store

Barretts - a Covid Secure Store

Barretts - a Covid Secure Store


Linens Desk and Till

  • We’ve recessed the Linens desk and till back from the main walkway, and installed a clear PVC blind for protection
  • Customers can place items on the desk for a sales assistant to take, scan and bag
  • There is a queuing system in place with clear social distancing floor signage

Barretts - a Covid Secure Store 

Barretts - a Covid Secure Store

Barretts - a Covid Secure Store

Demonstrating our products

  • If a customer would like to feel the quality of a product e.g. an Egyptian Cotton sheet, we will ask the customer to sanitise their hands first using one of our hand dispensers
  • If a customer wants to try a bed or sofa, they will be asked if they would like to have a strip of 0.5m wide paper roll put on the product first 

Barretts - a Covid Secure Store 

Deliveries and Fits

  • The following is now included with all Barretts Delivery/Fit Date Confirmation emails:
  • Our delivery/fit teams will be wearing approved PPE i.e. face visors and latex gloves.
  • We require our customers to maintain social distancing at all times, and ideally we would ask that our customers leave their home whilst the delivery/fit takes place, or at the very least stay out of the relevant room(s).
  • We ask that our customers ensure the way is clear within their home for the delivery/fit team, to minimise the need for them to touch anything.
  • If a bed is being replaced, we ask that all bed linen is removed beforehand.
  • Unfortunately our delivery/fit team won’t be able to accept any refreshments from our customers.
  • Barretts will be asking for the balance before the delivery/fit takes place, to minimise the time spent at your home.
  • It is essential that our customers let us know prior to a delivery/fit if they are experiencing Covid 19 symptoms, or they have been required to self-isolate.  We will then re-arrange the delivery/fit, and of course we will be waiving any delivery/fit cancellation charges if this is the case.

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