Barretts Rug Sale Day (not evening...)

Posted on 18 October 2016

We've decided to 'mix it up' a bit and try something new with our annual Rug Sale. It used to be on the first Tuesday in December in the evening, which wasn't the most convenient time for our customers or for us to be honest. So we are holding this on Sunday 20th November instead, 11am to 4pm. Wine and refreshments will still be available, plus many many gorgeous rugs at great discounts. There's the added benefit of having our Christmas ranges available to browse and buy too!

A rare event for Barretts to be open on a Sunday - don't miss it!

Barretts Rug Sale - Sunday 20th November

And here's a recent article from our good friend Amy Gallivan at the East Anglian Daily Times. She asks our very own rug expert, John Robertson-Young, how hand knotted rugs can add a splash of colour and style to your home. 

Barretts Rug Day, Sunday 20th November - 11am to 4pm

Barretts Rug Day, Sunday 20th November - 11am to 4pm


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