Benefits & Beauty of Wood Flooring

Posted on 04 August 2017

Wood flooring has been around for centuries, improving the quality of life in the most humble abodes and the grandest of homes. Given the countless décor options it opens up to homeowners and the beautiful style it adds to the interior of any building, it’s easy to see why.

Berkeley Grey Oak

The Woodpecker Flooring range is a new addition to Barretts of Woodbridge, already proving to be hugely popular with our customer’s instore. It is Woodpecker’s love for this natural material that makes their collection totally unique, bringing character and a timeless elegance into the home.

Goodrich Haze Oak

We can’t get enough of it ourselves and we’re desperate to tell the world not only about the Woodpecker range but of wood flooring in general, so read on and find out more about the luxury of wood flooring.

Wembury Coconut

Easy to clean

There are very few people in the world who enjoy the hard work of the weekly clean. Especially when it comes to pulling out the vacuum cleaner and dragging it round the house. Problem solved with a wood floor. Spillages are easily wiped away without stains and a simple brush and damp mop keeps them looking clean.

They look fantastic

Wood floors bring a touch of style and class to any home. The natural, earthy look provides a certain level of panache that carpeted floors just cannot compete with. No matter what you do the details of the room, a wood floor will always effortlessly fit into place.

Long lasting

The durability of wood floors mean they can last for decades even with the application of low level maintenance. It is also worth noting that unlike carpets, the colour doesn’t fade and remains looking as good as when you first installed it. The uniqueness of the natural patterns in the wood mean your flooring will literally looking like one in a million, making it completely your own.

Added value

If you are likely to sell your home at some point in the future, wood flooring will add that little bit extra to the list price. People are willing to pay more for a home that doesn’t already come with old carpets. Not only does it raise the literal value but a beautiful polished finish also raises the profile of the interior décor in general.

Ecologically Sound

Investing in sustainable materials is becoming ever more important to us all and natural wood flooring certainly helps in that regard. Trees can be replanted and some can be replenished extremely quickly, making this a sound ecological choice.

Refinishing options

Rather than going through the hassle of replacing it all, wood floors allow for new finishes to be applied. It is far cheaper to just to sand them down to produce a darker stained look rather than spending even more money on new flooring as a replacement.  

Hygiene and cleanliness

Wood floors store far less dust, dirt and other allergens compared to carpets. This means an improved quality of air in the home, which is great news for asthma sufferers and those who have sensitive allergies.

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Wood flooring at Barretts

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