Christmas Dinner Tableware Ideas

Posted on 18 December 2018

The big day is just around the corner!

If you're hosting Christmas lunch this year, your thoughts will no doubt be turning to impressing your family and guests with scrumptious food and drink. But, remember, it isn't just the food that can dazzle. The table itself can really add to the festive spirit, and make your Christmas lunch special.

Below we've given you a few Christmas dinner tableware ideas which we hope will inspire, but there's so much more to see in store!


Here are just 3 ideas for great Christmas Table themes:

Tradition Christmas Table

Nordic Christmas Table Theme


Table Runners

Christmas Napkin

A table runner can elevate your table to new heights on Christmas Day, by adding a touch of contrasting, or matching, colour to your table. You're also creating the perfect landing strip for the plethora of bowls, bottles and condiments that make a Christmas Lunch so unique. 


Sophie Allport Owl Napkins

The simple details are often the most effective; like giving each of your guests a gorgeous festive napkin. This could be matched with your table runner to reinforce the festive theme. 


Neom Christmas Candle

Lighting a couple of candles for your dining room is a wonderful way to create a warming mood to match the indulgent feasting that takes place at the table. The 100% natural candles from Neom, available in-store at Barretts, not only look the part, but can actually improve your mood!


Prevent flailing elbows and sparring over table territory by designating your guests' seats in style with festive placemats!

Centrepieces and ornaments

Christmas decorations aren't only for trees, you know! Add a couple of wintry ornaments to your table to truly wow your guests at one of the most important meals of the year.

Christmas Table Ornaments

Adding a bit of magic to your dining table can make your turn to host Christmas lunch much more enjoyable!

Barretts Christmas Tableware Display

Visit Barretts of Woodbridge in the heart of Woodbridge to browse our beautiful range of tableware, Christmas decorations and ornaments.

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