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Posted on 02 December 2016

German Musical Snow Globes - Jill Barrett’s BlogHello and welcome to the latest in my Christmas themed blogs. This week I’m focusing on a range that has become a major feature of Christmas at Barretts - German Musical Snow Globes. We introduced them back in 2012. Their success has been phenomenal, with on-line sales to USA, Australia, the Far East and Europe. We’ve really pushed the boat out for Christmas 2016 with our widest range ever - 22 different varieties to choose from, starting at only £19.

German Musical Snow Globes - Jill Barrett’s BlogOur gorgeous collection are all individually hand painted, and you can really see the detail when you look closely at the figures and landscape. Each also features a delightful wind-up musical mechanism playing a festive tune. They vary greatly in size and features, but the quality is consistently excellent. There are many other snow globes out there - we see them every year at Trade Fairs, but the Barretts collection are the best, no question! Plus we check every single globe to ensure you are getting a fabulous Christmas centrepiece for this and many years to come. Now, stock levels of some globes are getting low, and a few have already sold out. So please bear in mind if you’ve got your eye on one - don’t delay too long and don’t assume it will be there in a few days' time. Like the rest of our Christmas stock, it’s usually not possible to re-order as suppliers base production on orders taken in February.

I’ve highlighted some below, some new, some old favourites. You can see the complete range at our Christmas collection.

New - ‘Large Nutcracker Christmas Tree' Silver, £119

German Musical Snow Globes - Jill Barrett’s Blog

German Musical Snow Globes - Jill Barrett’s BlogThis is such a stunning snow globe, the star of the snow globe show and the one we have featured most in our Christmas marketing. Yes it’s a lot of money, but the detail, workmanship and design all make this an outstanding Christmas centre-piece. The Christmas Tree is flanked by a nutcracker soldier and teddy, with lots of wonderful presents all around the tree’s base. The globe base is a silvery metal with an intricate design of Christmas decorations. There is a key at the back which, when wound, plays 'O Christmas Tree’ AND makes the train within the bottom section of the globe rotate. There’s also a button at that back which starts the snow and lights the globes for about 30 seconds to save the batteries. And if that wasn’t enough, there a vivid red poinsettia flower on the top of the globe!
Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included). Measures 23cm tall by 20cm wide at base. 

New - ‘Mountain Village' Silver, £119

 German Musical Snow Globes - Jill Barrett’s Blog

German Musical Snow Globes - Jill Barrett’s BlogThis is a similar design to the Large Nutcracker Christmas Tree, with an enchanting snowy village, complete with a church and Christmas Tree. The sliver base and predominantly white colouring make this a striking and beautiful snow globe, especially with the traditional holly and berry on the crown. When wound, the train on the bottom section of the globe rotates and the tune 'Winter Wonderland’ is played. There is also the snow and lights button on the back of the globe.
Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included). Measures 23cm tall by 20cm wide at base 

'Winter Landscape' - £109

German Musical Snow Globes - Jill Barrett’s Blog 

German Musical Snow Globes - Jill Barrett’s BlogGerman Musical Snow Globes - Jill Barrett’s BlogThis snow globe is an impressive piece, measuring 23cm tall by 20cm wide at base. It features a beautiful winter village scene with a horse drawn sleigh, and a sculpted base with children putting the finishing touches to a snowman. It's unusual not just because of its size, it also has a whole 'building a snowman' scene around the base, which is pretty much a replica of the scene inside the 'Build a Snowman' snow globe below. This is also the snow globe that Karl Loxley bought for his Mum!
When wound, the tune 'Softly Falls The Snow' plays. There is also a small button on the rear of the globe which when pressed makes it snow along with lighting up the small camp fire on the base and illuminating the entire scene inside. This carries on for about 15 seconds at a time, helping to save the batteries. Requires 3 x AA Batteries (not included, unless we forget to take the re-chargeables out which does happen!). 







'Large Build a Snowman' - £75

German Musical Snow Globes - Jill Barrett’s Blog 

This globe has been the No.1 best selling every year since we introduced these lovely Christmas wonders to the store 4 years ago. It's easy to see why too. Measuring 22cm tall by 14cm wide at base, it depicts a charming Winter scene of children building a traditional snowman in front of a warming camp fire. Its appeal is broad, with both young and old falling in love with its lovely design. Here's a short video to show you why it's the top seller.

A switch in the base turns on perpetual snow and the light in the fire, which lasts around 6-8 hours with re-chargeable batteries.  When wound, the tune 'Softly Falls The Snow' plays. Requires 2 x AA Batteries (not included). 

'Large Nativity Scene' - £69

German Musical Snow Globes - Jill Barrett’s Blog

'Large Nativity Scene' was new last year, and it sold out in a week! It's a delightful Snow Globe, with glitter instead of snow, measuring 20cm tall by 15cm wide at base. It shows a typical nativity scene, and the switch on the globe base turns on the perpetual snow (or rather glitter), and two amber lights illuminate the scene from beneath. The glitter snow does calm down quite a bit after the initial flurry. When wound, the tune 'Silent Night' plays. 
Requires 2 x AA Batteries (not included).

'Flying Santa and Train' - £45

German Musical Snow Globes - Jill Barrett’s Blog

This is another very popular Snow Globe, with a gorgeous sculpted winter scene base. When wound, the train moves around inside the globe, and Santa's sleigh flies over the village. The train even goes through a tunnel, which is open at the back so you can track its progress. The movement is accompanied by the tune 'Jingle Bells'. This globe is a must for anyone who loves trains, real or toy. The 'snow' is a colourful glitter - it's so delightful! I've included the video below too so you don't have to take my word for how super this snow globe is.
Measures 17cm tall by 13cm wide at base.


'Santa & Sleigh around the Christmas Tree' - £36

German Musical Snow Globes - Jill Barrett’s Blog

This lovely Snow Globe makes a welcome return from last year. It shows Santa and his sleigh with a large decorated Christmas Tree at the centre. The base is a gilt and wood effect, setting the globe off beautifully. Once wound, Santa and Sleigh rotate around the Christmas Tree to the tune 'Jingle Bells'. The 'snow' is a colourful glitter.
Measures 17cm tall by 12cm wide at base. 

'Playing in the Snow' - £36

German Musical Snow Globes - Jill Barrett’s Blog

Another globe which sold out quickly in 2015 is 'Playing in the Snow'. It features two small children finishing off a traditional snowman in the garden of a snow covered country cottage. The base is a carved wood effect with Christmas Trees giving the globe a very traditional and attractive look. When wound, the whole scene rotates to the tune of 'Winter Wonderland'. 
Measures 15cm tall by 10cm wide at base, and is selling like 'hot cakes'!

'Winter Horse & Cart Ride' - £28

German Musical Snow Globes - Jill Barrett’s Blog

This Snow Globe features a beautiful winter scene with a horse drawn sleigh carrying a small child and her father. And let's not forget the little dog running along beside them. Wind it up and the entire scene revolves accompanied by the tune 'Winter Wonderland'. 
Measures 15cm tall by 10cm wide at base.

That's it for now - but watch out for more Christmas blogs coming up soon. Don't forget we are celebrating Small Business Saturday on 3rd December with 10% off everything in the store, including Snow Globes! Plus the fabulous Woodbridge Christmas Street Fair on Sunday 4th December, where we offer mulled wine and minced pies as well as numerous Christmas bargains.

See you soon,

German Musical Snow Globes - Jill Barrett’s Blog


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