Home For Christmas - Barretts' Christmas Ordering Deadlines!

Posted on 24 September 2019

Your dream sofa, bed or carpet is flying down the M11 clutching a few bags of Christmas gifts, belting out Chris Rea with a smile. But wait; a lorry carrying Christmas decorations has hit a spot of black ice and overturned, leaving a trail of bauble barriers behind it. Highway maintenance arrive in a flash and they reckon it'll be 3 months before the debris is cleared. Now you have to entertain 12 guests, including Uncle Ian after a few sherries, on that cramped old sofa, dilapidated lounge carpet and a couple of old mattresses. 

'You should've ordered it sooner', Uncle Ian murmurs.

You bite your tongue but you know old Ian is right. And at Barretts, we're here to make sure you have your home exactly how you want it before the big day. That means stylish, comfortable and practical furnishings delivered, assembled and fitted on time by our expert team. 

Below is our list of ordering deadlines for each department to help you get everything you need Home For Christmas!


Leather Sofas & Chairs - order by end of September for pre-Christmas Delivery.
Fabric Sofas & Chairs - order by end of October for pre-Christmas Delivery.
Window Shutters - order by end of September for pre-Christmas Fitting.
Bespoke Curtains and Roller Blinds - order by 9th of November for Christmas Fitting.
Living & Dining Furniture - order by 12th October for pre-Christmas delivery.
Bedroom Furniture - order by 12th October for pre-Christmas delivery.
Beds & Mattresses - order by 9th November for pre-Christmas delivery.
Carpets & Flooring - order by end of October for pre-Christmas fitting.
We must stress that these deadlines are simply here as helpful guidelines and in no case can we completely guarantee a pre-Christmas delivery or fitting. The most important advice that we can give is that the sooner you place your order with Barretts, the more likely it will be that your furnishing will be delivered or fitted in time for the big day.
With that in mind, head over to Barretts on the Woodbridge Thoroughfare, meet our friendly, expert staff and let us help you realise your Christmas home furnishing dreams!

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