How to Choose the Right Blinds for Your Home

Posted on 02 April 2018

Not the biggest fan of curtains? Want something that elevates your room into the 21st century whilst saving precious living space? Then perhaps you should be asking us whether blinds are the best option for letting light into your home.

But with window size, moisture levels and even the direction your house is facing all to take into consideration, choosing the right blinds for your home can be a difficult task. That's why Barretts of Woodbridge has created the ultimate guide to choosing the right blinds for your home to kickstart our Blind Month Sale, with 20% off throughout April!

Rule Number 1: Different Styles for Different Rooms

There are certain materials which respond better with the high moisture levels of rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. However, most materials and styles of blinds can be altered to make them suitable for different rooms of the house. Our staff will be able to show you which types of blinds have been designed to work in certain rooms. But it's still a lot easier to clean a splatter of bolognese sauce off a slatted plastic blind than a canvas blind!

Canvas blinds with blackout properties, such as Roman or roller blinds are perfect for bedrooms as they ensure that very little light can enter your room whilst you sleep at night. But remember, blinds with cords or spring mechanisms cannot be fitted to children's bedroom windows unless they comply with the new Child Safety RegulationsOur experienced team of Curtain and Blind experts will be able to advise you on safe fitting when you visit our store on the Woodbridge Thoroughfare.

Rule Number 2: Take a Look at your Room's Decor

If you want your blinds to liven up your neutral or dark-coloured room, choose a blind that is full of colour or, perhaps, a patterned blind. These blinds will become centrepieces of such rooms and give them a touch of character. These Louvolite Carnival blinds in peppermint will certainly add a pep of colour to any room, whilst these Party Animals Boogie blinds will certainly start conversations at family parties. Remember, these blinds and every other set of blinds at Barretts of Woodbridge can be found at an incredible 20% off throughout all of April


Rule Number 3: Light, Warmth and Privacy

If you live on a busy road, you may not want those passing by to be able to peer into your home. If so, the easily-customisable nature of Venetian blinds may mean that they are the best option for rooms facing busy pathways. Venetian blinds, such as these Arena Expressions Tenne 'faux wood' blinds, provide you with the ability to change the amount of light entering your room whilst maintaining the privacy of yourself and your family. A simple tilt and you're shielded.

When the summer sun is beaming through your windows, sometimes opening them isn't enough to prevent your room from becoming too warm. Venetian or vertical blinds allow some of the suns rays to lighten your room whilst preventing it from overheating. Roller blinds may not be suitable for summertime as their 'up or down' nature can make a room look either too bright or too dark. 

Here's a top tip from our Blinds Department: Tilt Venetian blinds upwards in the summer to direct heat towards your ceiling, keeping your room cool.

If these tips haven't allowed you to hone in on your perfect blinds, our friendly and knowledgeable team of curtain and blind experts will be sure to lend you a helping hand. Visit Barretts of Woodbridge during April to find 20% off our fantastic range of blinds during our Blind Month Sale.  You can book a free, no obligation measure and estimate on-line, so everything is nice and easy. And why not, if nothing else you will be better informed, and one step towards realising your dream.

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