How to dress your bed - top tips and inspiration

At some point in our lives we all try to dress our beds like showroom models or show home but for some reason it doesn't ... quite work. 

Are you getting frustrated with how it's not working for you but is for others?

Read further on and your bed too can look just as full and glamorous!

Duvet sets:


Whether you're dressing your room or a guest bed getting the right duvet cover and bedding is paramount. Using a white linen base is a great way to start off decorating your bed. 

As shown above you can use a white textured duvet set as your staple piece leaving it to the accessories to stylise your bed. 

White bedding is the perfect way to freshen up a room, modernise and simplify the appearance of your room.

 This leads us onto the next tip...

Throws and Blankets:


Now believe me, I know first hand just how difficult it can be to find a throw that works with my bedding. It has to be snuggly as well as dressing your bed nicely...because after all, thats why you're reading this! 

This Cashmere touch fleece throw is a perfect example of practicality as well as looking classy.


This throw has a simplistic pom pom trim which will draw your eye across the bed rather than just in the centre. 

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Don't be afraid to layer! 

A great way to decorate your bed is to layer your throws. You can either use a patterned throw as a base with a solid colour on top or vis versa! It looks really effective and is a brilliant way to glamorise a bed. 


As demonstrated above, we have used a checked throw with tassel trim and a solid colour red throw to compliment the red in the check throw.

You could also use  a navy throw or even a cream base throw with the checked throw on top.


A simplistic way to make your bed look like a showroom model, is buying extra pillows! Whether you have single bed or a bed as big as a super king, doubling your pillows makes your bed instantly look fuller.

You can either use a plain coloured pillow case for your bottom pillows, that can match your throw. Or stick to fresh and crisp by having all your pillows white. 


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