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Posted on 10 November 2016

Magical Christmas themes at Barretts

Hello again - it's been ages hasn't it? What with one thing and another, we've been run off our feet at Barretts. The store is doing incredibly well and it's a joy to be so busy serving our lovely customers. The main consumer of my time and energy has been the preparations for our Christmas displays, which have now gone live! Yippee!

As ever it's been a fantastic team effort, with everyone coming on the last Sunday of October to get the shop ready. Now I know that Barretts is renowned for providing inspiring and beautiful home furnishings all year round... but at Christmas time, I think we really turn on the magic. Our stunning window displays draw people to the town from far and wide, and we are constantly been told by customers that the store is one of the showpieces of Woodbridge town centre at Christmas. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the themes that make up Christmas 2016 at Barretts.

North Pole

Magical Christmas themes at Barretts - Jill Barrett’s Blog

White Christmas is about as festive as you can get, and this year we decided to go for a ‘North Pole’ theme. At the Spring Show at the NEC back in February, where we buy the vast majority of our Christmas stock, there were lots of gorgeous polar bears and white Father Christmases of all sizes. And for the first time we saw Christmas penguins, hedgehogs, and even some Christmasy looking Inuit figures, making the North Pole theme an easy choice. I do appreciate that you wouldn't normally see a penguin at the North Pole, or a lit alpine town scene or frosted glass balloon for that matter, but I think it looks delightful.

Retro Christmas

Christmas Themes at Barretts - Jill Barrett's Blog

The inspiration for the ‘Retro Christmas’ came from a range of glass collectible tree decorations, and they really caught my eye.  Beautifully crafted with a distinctive 1950’s retro look, they have a charm and weighty quality to them. It’s the quirky designs that really make them stand out, like the Christmas Robot, the Santa in a flying saucer, and the Santa on a motor bike. There are lots of traditional examples too, but if you are looking for something different on your tree, why not go for a Christmas pug or frog!

Magical Christmas themes at Barretts - Jill Barrett’s BlogMagical Christmas themes at Barretts - Jill Barrett’s BlogMagical Christmas themes at Barretts - Jill Barrett’s Blog
Christmas Glass Collectables

With the Retro theme, what better way to light up the window than Lava Lamps, and our rocket shaped examples in bright colours look great. To finish off the 50’s sci-fi vibe we have the new and super funky Globe Lamps from Wild and Wolf in Goldfish Orange, English Mustard and French Blue. 


Magical Christmas themes at Barretts - Jill Barrett’s Blog

This classic Christmas ballet was our main theme a few years ago, and it’s still proving to be very popular. It’s got all the Christmas elements - toys, excited children, a Christmas tree, snow, and a big sprinkling of magic. Oh, and a King Rat! We have lots of Nutcracker Soldiers in the display, plus a few new Nutcracker Snow Globes, one of which has a rotating silver base and is, in my view, a thing of beauty. They can certainly add festive colour and cheer to any home. 

Christmas Woodland

Magical Christmas themes at Barretts - Jill Barrett’s Blog

Another old favourite at Christmas is the Winter Woodland theme, which has grown in popularity so much we’ve given it a whole section of the showroom. There’s willow hanging from the ceiling plus a wintry tree to help recreate the feel of being in the deep woods, all festooned with lights and decorations. As you’d expect from a Winter Woodland theme, there are lots of cones, birds, squirrels, pheasants, bears, hedgehogs, deer, and friendly foxes, which are really cute!

Musical Snow Globes

Magical Christmas themes at Barretts - Jill Barrett’s Blog

We introduced musical snow globes 4 years ago, and their popularity has grown each year. This Christmas we have an amazing 22 different types to choose from, all hand painted and playing festive tunes. I can’t believe there is a wider choice of Christmas snow globes in East Anglia!  To find out why people fall in love with them it’s best to wind the mechanism and see the Christmas magic.  From rotating trains and flying Santa sleighs to perpetually snowing winter scenes, they are truly enchanting.  The best selling include a lovely little light, and if you fancy one of these, don’t delay as they always go first.  This year we’ve created a special area just for snow globes - plenty of space to admire and browse.

Magical Christmas themes at Barretts - Jill Barrett’s Blog
Nutcracker Snow Globe 

Metal Vintage Swinging Santas

Magical Christmas themes at Barretts - Jill Barrett’s Blog

I adore these Christmas ornaments, and this year we have a huge range available. As well as the traditional Santa and sleigh, there’s a Christmas hot air balloon, Santa in a rowing boat, Santa on a steam train, and even Santa in a Christmas Model T Ford!

Don’t forget, as well as all these lovely things, we have everything you need for a perfect Christmas setting at home - including wreaths & garlands, stockings, church & scented candles, Christmas ornaments & lights, Advent Calendars, Christmas tableware & crackers, and of course Christmas gifts. Watch out for my blogs in the coming weeks when I'll tell you more about all these lovely things. Or visit our Christmas Store website which is growing by the day.

So in additional to all the wonderful independent shops and cafes Woodbridge has to offer, a I think a visit to Barretts is definitely a must this Christmas!

Magical Christmas themes at Barretts - Jill Barrett’s Blog



Magical Christmas themes at Barretts - Jill Barrett’s Blog
Christmas Team Barretts!

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