Millie's Mood Board

Posted on 31 August 2018

Millie’s Mood Board

The following is a super blog written by Millie Baker from our Softs Department. Millie started with us as a school work placement, and since has progressed to working Saturdays. Let's hope this is the first of many such blogs!

Millie with her Mood BoardMillie's Mood Board

On my mood board I have created a room based on the summer days we’ve experienced recently. I have done this by combining the popular colours yellow and grey from the Sanderson Chika fabric and wallpaper book. 

For those more daring with patterns I used the fabric the “Wisteria blossom” in the colourway linden/charcoal selling at £35 per metre (fabric in the top left hand corner) as the curtains, with the wallpaper “Fretwork” in the colourway silver/linden (next to wisteria blossom fabric) selling at £45 per metre either opposite the window or on the wall with the window.  

Those who prefer the more subtle look when it comes to patterns I have used the “Dawn Chorus” fabric in the colourway linden/slate (bottom left hand corner) selling at £35 per metre as the curtain fabric as it still contains the yellow and grey combination with the simpler pattern with a bird perched on a tree. Then it would have the wallpaper “Washi” in the colourway slate (below the blind) selling at £45 per metre on the wall with the window. 

In either room I would place an armchair covered in the fabric Clarke and Clarke “crush” in the colour ash (bottom right corner) selling at £30 per metre to continue the theme of grey throughout the room also adding a different texture to the room as it is velvet so will catch the light at different angles and in different ways. Again in either room I have placed Sanderson paint samples on the board for the walls that don’t get wallpapered. Personally I would use the bottom grey paint “iron grey” or the top one “horizon grey” on the walls as I feel the other greys are too similar to the grey in the wallpaper and fabric but it is down to personal preference. Or go for the “Moonlit Green Lt” (top) on the yellow samples to enhance the summer feel. 

Both Carpet samples on the board would work in either room and they are both from the Rossmore book selling at £48 per metre squared which also includes free standard fit. Although I didn’t put it on the board a white/pale cream carpet would look great in the rooms as well. 

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