More Special Mother's Day Gift Ideas from Barretts of Woodbridge

Posted on 20 March 2017

When you buy something for mum, it is never a rushed decision. One day a year to celebrate all that makes her so special to us is the very least she deserves – perhaps we should start campaigning for Mothers Week!

With that said, mum never expects anything fancy or over the top. We know how tirelessly she has worked to ensure we can be the very best we can be, and our own success is reward enough for her. But that’s not say we shouldn’t spoil her rotten! Deep down we know she’ll enjoy being showered with gifts, so we’ve picked out some of the best ideas to put a smile on her face. All of these can be found in-store, so make sure you snap them up before they disappear.

We recently welcomed the exciting new Orla Kiely range into the store, which has already proven to be a big hit with our customers. These eye-catching, retro-modern designs will stand out in any home, adding a sense of real individuality you will struggle to find anywhere else.

Orla Kiely Storage Pots

Every mother knows you cannot have enough storage jars in the kitchen. But rather than reusing old washed out containers, why not opt for these Orla Kiely vibrant coloured jars? They come in two sizes, complete with firm lids, rejuvenating the inside of the cupboard or worktop space in an instant. Pricing for these wonderful gifts starts at a mere £23 each.

Orla Kiely flask

A flask typically offers quite functional usage but that’s no reason to stick with the same old, plain designs! The exterior is decorated with Orla Kiely’s trademark stem pattern, the welcoming autumn tones feeling as warm as the hot drink stored inside. And at only £28, it is great value for such a long term purchase.


A loving message that mum can see every day rests at the heart of these charming trinket boxes. Both sizes are painted with polka dots and bright flowers, and are the perfect size for storing jewellery and other small personal items. The pricing is well matched too, only £2.50 for the smaller box and £7.50 for the larger size.

Light holder

Perfect for the warmer spring and summer evenings in the garden, and priced at only £12, this tealight holder will help create the perfect ambience. Orla Kiely’s stem pattern has been delicately punched into the side, producing a glowing lantern effect.

Oven gloves

The cool 70’s print on this cheerful Orla Kiely apron and double oven mitt set brings the colours of summer straight into the kitchen. Costing only £25, it will brighten up the day, and give mum a dash of iconic style and panache.

Orla Kiely Trays

Orlay Keily’s Linear Stem motif immediately makes her homeware range feel dynamic and exciting. The practicality of their use is never overlooked as you can see with these useful trays. Perfect for that breakfast in bed you’ll be preparing for mum on her special day!

Mum mug

This decorative mug will soon become her favourite because it came from you, meaning she can enjoy a soothing cuppa with the fondest of memories. And, we are happy to offer this to you for the great price of only £8.

This is just a small selection of the gift ideas we have in-store, and we’d be more than happy to help you pick out the perfect present for mum when you pop-in. So come and visit us at Barretts of Woodbridge, and make Mother’s Day a memorable one for the most special woman in the world.

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