Neom Organics - the perfect gift for Mother's Day

Posted on 26 March 2019

The most important day of the year arrives this Sunday as we honour our mothers for the years they have handled our nappy changes, chickenpox, teenage tantrums and every time you've asked 'can I borrow some money?' Many of us would be lost without our Mums and, as they can't really help you choose what to get them from Mother's Day, we'll put on our Mum hats and help you figure out how to show her some love this weekend. Mum's the word!

Neom Organics from Barretts of Woodbridge

So, why not give Mum a break from her motherly duties and let her relax and unwind with an array of our Neom wellbeing products. 100% natural and 100% divine, Neom's aromatic gift sets will let your Mum enjoy a spa-like treatment from the comfort of her own home.

As the good people from Neom themselves say:

"At Neom, we believe in caring for your body and your mind.
That’s why our 100% natural, therapeutic fragrances nurture your body, support your mind and boost your wellbeing – so you can make the most of every moment.
Neom. Scent to make you feel good."


Neom Organics from Barretts of Woodbridge

There's none of those nasty petrochemicals you've read about recently polluting your home, just vegetable oil and lots of lovely natural essences and oils. And, if you do plan on treating Mum to a weekend break, make sure she packs one of Neom's hand-poured travel candles for some hotel heavenliness. Neom's gifts are available from just £15!  A truly special gift for that special Mother.

Click here to see our complete Neom range, plus we have testers in store so you can try before you buy!

'Beauty Sleep In A Box' for just £25.

 The Neom Manifesto

"Wellbeing starts with the little moments 
The shower drops that help you get going at 6am, leaving you energised and ready for anything 
The candle that creates a tranquil calm zone in your busy family home 
The deeply relaxing bath that works hard to prepare you for a perfect night's sleep 
Our fragrances are 100% natural with true wellbeing benefits: to help relieve stress, aid sleep, boost your energy, or lift your mood 
Small steps. Big difference"

Now who wouldn't vote for that! 

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