Spring Clean Your Bedding - Fresh Duvet Sets

Posted on 24 May 2017

As we are now firmly set inside Spring, getting up for work no longer feels gloomy and heading home in the evening is no longer a manic dash to get out of the freezing cold!

We’re all happy that the weather is gradually getting warmer and our heating bills will lower for the next few months at least. But not all our problems are solved. For many, bedtime can signal the start of 7 hours of restlessness, struggling to find the right temperature in the bedroom during the night.

With that in mind, we have put together some ideas on the best fresh bedding available, to keep you cool and help you get that all important beauty sleep.

Kilburn Duvet Cover

Spring is a time for renewal, where nature springs back to life and the world around us begins to feel alive and fresh once more. If you want something to rejuvenate your bed, this is the place to start.  Egyptian cotton is luxury personified and creates the smooth, cool feel needed to get a fantastic night’s sleep. Just one look at our Kilburn 300 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover will have you ready to nod off!

If changing your duvet isn’t enough, then why not look at the 600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Hotel Sheets and Pillowcases? With such a high thread count it is far less likely to pill and it will maintain its soft, fresh texture. Egyptian cotton is often hailed as the best in the world, and it comes with a number of other advantages aside from keeping you chilled in every way!

Sometimes it’s not just the room temperature than can prove bothersome. If you are one of the poor souls that easily pick up the rising heat, then even kicking off the covers won’t be enough. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able catch 40 winks, it’s all about finding the right bedding to suit you. At Barretts of Woodbridge, our cool summer 3 tog 100% cotton duvet will comfortable on even the warmest nights.

Wallis Young Marrakesh duvet set

This Wallis Young Marrakesh duvet set is 100% cotton, which will keep your body temperature cool and allow you to drift off as you deserve.

Lobster Creek duvet set

The Lobster Creek 'Parallel Lines' Cotton Duvet Set is another from our 100% cotton bed linen range. With comfort comes a relaxed feeling that will help fend off the heat and frustration that comes along with a poor nights rest. Not only do they look fresh but just as importantly, they feel fresh, eliminating any worry before you hit the bedroom, so you can start counting those sheep!

These are just some of the wonderful Spring choices from our bedlinen range, with lots more waiting instore for you to enjoy. Throughout the month of May we will also be offering 50% off selected bed linen.

We are always available instore to help give you the best advice on choosing the right bedding for Spring, so feel free to pop in and we’ll be happy to help!

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