The Benefits of Bespoke Curtains and Blinds

Posted on 15 November 2019

Our Softs department, made up of Department Manager Debbie, Sarah, Rose and Millie, made the big move from the rear of our showroom to a shining spot in our front window at the beginning of 2019. Almost a year on, they've found their feet in their new home and are able to showcase their window-dressing expertise to the people of Suffolk with their impressive window displays.

The displays may draw you in, but it is the team's knowledge and commitment to finding solutions that will make you stay. Our team is dedicated to traditional customer service that focuses on the customer's interests, tastes and circumstances. It's that sort of bespoke service that naturally leads us to offering bespoke products; made-to-spec curtains, blinds and other window fixtures are our bread and butter and we love nothing more than letting people know the benefits of going bespoke.

With that in mind, here are a few words from Debbie, manager of our Softs department, that should help you to understand why bespoke is best.

'When a window is dressed to its full potential, curtains frame the view and give you the security of privacy from the outside world.'

'Once chosen, your quality fabric will be precisely hand-sewn. Hung on the right pole or track to compliment your fabric, your curtains will be made to the correct fullness and length to complete the look of your window.'

'One of the main benefits of going bespoke is that you have complete creative control over the look of your curtains. Whether you'd prefer a bold pattern to make a feature of your window or a plain fabric to offer a classy and understated look, we have something for every taste.'

'The importance of a good lining cannot be underestimated. We offer a variety of linings, including interlinings that protect fabrics from sun damage, thermal linings that insulate and blackout linings to offer light control. Every room in your home will have different requirements when it comes to curtain lining, so the option to customise this is a handy one.'

'There's also the guarantee that every fabric we offer to our customers is a quality product. Investing in top-quality fabric not only provides durability, but also the peace of mind that your curtains are both energy-efficient and likely to look better for longer.'

'Our final note is that going bespoke means that you are opting for a product that is entirely to your tastes and requirements. When you shop for curtains and blinds at Barretts, you're more than likely to end up leaving with something that's one of a kind.'

Visit our Softs department in their new light and airy abode to find out more about why you should forget 'ready-made' and go for bespoke.

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