Why do I keep waking?

Posted on 02 September 2020

Why do I keep waking?

Hands up if you struggle to stay asleep? I know I do! Whether it be because my partner is snoring or my dog keeps fidgeting, I just can't remain sound asleep. 

This isn't a problem though. Most of us wake in the night more than you realise. If its at 2 am or 3 am, its not just you thats up at these ungodly hours! Luckily it's common for people to change position and then drop back off to sleep - dreaming of all sorts. However, for us unlucky folk its a struggle to get back off to sleep. 

Common Mistakes:

Staying in bed - 

Alot of us when struggling to drift back into sleep will remain in bed. This is a big no. What happens is you'll start associating stress, worry, annoyance and whatever 3 am thoughts you have, with your sleeping. Therefore leading to you decreasing your sleep efficiency.

Clock watching: 

This is another issue people struggle with. When you're up at ridiculous hours you tend to become very aware of the time. You tune in to how many hours you have until the alarm goes off and how many hours sleep you will have if you fall asleep now. The anxiety and pressure to fall asleep enhances as you get more and more frustrated at not being able to drift off to sleep.

Going on devices:

As most of you will already know, reading from your phone or a tablet is not a good idea as the blue light wakes you up even more! When we feel sleepy this is because a hormone called melatonin has been released. When we going on mobiles, tablets or anything that gives out  blue light, the blue light blocks this hormone meaning we don't feel tired and therefore you'll stay awake and struggle to sleep for even longer! 

What to do:

Get up - 

Get out of your bed - sounds daft I know, but by simply getting up and reading a book with low-lighting or making a warm glass of milk, your switching your mind off to the irritation of you not being able to sleep.  By doing these low energy tasks means you're still trying to relax and rest, even if you can't actually sleep. It also means your annoyance with not being able to sleep is no longer getting associated with your bed.

(Hypnos Serenade mattress and shallow base was £1,555.00 and is now £1,239.00 - based off a single mattress)

Get a new mattress -

If you've been struggling to sleep for a few weeks now with no reason for it, you may need to look into getting a new mattress. If you're also finding you sleep better on a mattress thats not your own, it may be a simple thing of your mattress being slightly too soft, or even too firm therefore, disturbing your sleep. The Hypnos Serenade mattress is a perfect balance of softness and support with a firmness rating of 3. Fundamentally, the firmness of your mattress is down to personal preference, but sometimes what think you need and what you actually need can be quite different. 

Our outstanding bed experts will be more than happy to offer advice on choosing the perfect mattress for you. 

Come into our store where we can offer you a wide selection of mattresses and bases to suit your unique sleeping experiences. We have a free car park round the back of our store so you can shop with no worry about parking. We also offer a free loyalty card scheme so you can gain points when you spend in our store. 

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