The sofas we sit on, the mattresses we sleep on; we often hear of why we should replace the furniture that gets the most obvious amount of wear in our homes. But what about the parts of our homes that are laying right beneath us?

Our carpets take a beating from our feet every day. In high traffic areas such as hallways, staircases and landings, wool carpet is a durable option but this durability doesn’t last forever. Stains in our doorways and lounges can be covered by rugs and mats, but more rug on show than carpet is a telling sign that you need to freshen up your floors.

Signs that it’s time for a carpet replacement

Here are our Flooring Department’s 5 reasons why you should consider a carpet replacement!

Carpets can look worn over time

1) It’s looking and feeling thin

When your carpet was first fitted, you’ll probably remember how glorious it felt to spring from step to step on those brand new tufts. However, with the buoyant carpet of old feeling more ‘cardboard’ than ‘springboard’, replacing a carpet with more bald patches than a Member of the House of Lords might be your only option.

2) It’s covered in stains

Although there are many carpets available which make cleaning stains a lot simpler than it used to be, unfortunately nobody has yet invented a carpet which stops you from having that fateful trip in the first place. We’re all guilty of a spillage every now and then.

Wet spot on carpet

But as a business that specialises in carpet fitting, we can confidently say that there is nothing quite like the look of a fresh carpet on a once dilapidated floor. So, stop staring at those bolognese blemishes and treat yourself!

3) It’s damp or mouldy

This one sort of goes without saying. If your carpet is damp, black or blue in patches, you need to consider a carpet replacement. And taking a look at the subfloor would also be recommended!

4) It’s sun-faded

We don’t expect you to keep the curtains drawn on your new carpet, or to block out the sun from your conservatory; show off your new flooring! But unfortunately all flooring fades somewhat. Not instantly, and certainly not drastically, but you may notice more sun-nourished parts of your floor looking slightly out of place beside shaded areas.

If a carpet replacement is needed, but you don’t want to replace faded carpet with more carpet, you can always opt for an LVT or laminate flooring that won’t fade as easily. And remember, the lighter the colour of flooring you opt for, the less likely it is to fade in the sun!

5) It’s…old!

Over time, your once radiant, new carpet might start to show its age. Less vibrant, thinner, flatter or stained; our carpets are subjected to a lot of wear every day and they simply won’t perform or sparkle as brilliantly as they used to as time goes on. And, as much as we don’t like to admit it, there are hygiene benefits to replacing your carpet. Less dustmites, less dead skin and less potential carpet moth hotbeds; our floors can become home to quite a few nasties in their old age.

Give yourself peace of mind and order your carpet replacement at a fantastic price at Barretts of Woodbridge.

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