Are you scared to try bold wallpapers? If so carry on reading for tips & tricks on how to create a room around big print, colourful  wallpapers!

This colour filled, pattern packed and vibrant wallpaper would be a design that would scare most (even me..!) however, with the right placement, paint and setting this will look incredible. 

A common misconception is: “I can’t have big designs as my room is so small” – wrong. You CAN and it will look just as amazing. You can create a snapshot of the wallpaper by putting on the chimney breast only, or one wall and it will add just the right amount of pattern to your room. 

With paint you need to pick out colours from the wallpaper whether that be a small section of the wallpaper or a big accent colour. In this example I have placed a neutral colour palette to compliment the light toned flowers above the butterflies. This means your room will look coordinated without overpowering a room. 

In this example I have placed a colour palette for those who want to go bold all the way through! You can pick out the yellows from the centre design, green from the leaves or green from the main background colour. This will inject colour into your room – large or small – creating a warm feel to the room. 

With carpet you can go for plain neutral carpet to create the feel of a larger room. You can even pick out a carpet with flecks of colour from the wallapper like the right hand side. This will finish the room off perfectly and be the finishing touch.

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