Miss Turner lives in a beautiful apartment down by the waterside in Woodbridge, Suffolk and approached Barretts to help her with her interior design requirements.

Our wide range of soft furnishings, accessories and furniture enables us to help clients bring their vision into a reality and our expert team use their creativity to achieve the perfect look.

Requirements for Interior Design Service

As one of our most visionary customers for colour and design, we were really excited to work with Miss Turner and deliver the interiors she’d always dreamed of.

Her favourite colour is pink – which we’re sure you could’ve guessed! – and she was keen to have much of her home décor and furnishings in various shades of this hue.

The great thing about interior design is the versatility; you can add different shades and pops of colours in so many ways, you’ve just got to have the right touch to refine the desired outcome.

How Barretts’ Soft Furnishings Department Helped

We were delighted to be able to provide soft furnishings and accessories for Miss Turner, as well as furniture such as chairs, bedroom and dining furniture. Our suppliers have a range of fabrics and finishes that included complementary colours to the customer’s colour scheme which worked really well.

Our Soft Furnishings Department carried out a measure for curtains and blinds to make sure their bespoke additions fitted accurately. The team took the opportunity to discuss the various colours, patterns and textures available in a variety of pinks that would work well both together and separately.

Miss Turner came to us with a brief for a dramatic wallpaper backdrop for the bedroom and we found a stunning print from Style Library with various shades of blues, greens and pinks. This tropical finish felt like a holiday whilst you were in Woodbridge, Suffolk! Also, we made sure to recommend a good decorator for the task of hanging the wallpaper.

Featured Products of Interior Design Service

Living Room Interior Design

As mentioned above, we carried out a measure for curtains and blinds and supplied Miss Turner with Harlequin curtains in Marsha Apple/Peony Magenta. A bold statement for the living room area which definitely catches your eye whilst fitting in with the overall theme of the space.

We matched Collin & Hayes furniture with the client’s vision, incorporating multiple shades of pink in an elegant and sophisticated way. With the footstool in Linara Melrsoe Fabric, as well as the Millar sofa which also exhibited Rosewater Fabrics, and the Covercraft Upholstery Candem Accent Chair upholstered in London Hot Pink Velvet, the living room looks pretty in pink.

The neutral vinyl floor was an excellent choice to make these hues really sing. The warm oak tone works well in this space, giving a clean finish and reflecting the light from the large windows.

Bedroom Interior Design

The dramatic wallpaper we chose for Miss Turner is from Clarke & Clarke and is called Waterlily Marine. It truly makes a statement and seamlessly ties in with the other pink hues around the room, including the Westex Ultima Twist Carpet in Paper Rose Colour.

We used Clarke & Clarke for the curtains in the bedroom too, choosing Murano Velvet Fabric in a dusky pink shade. The Conform Globe Chair and Footstool in Evita Pink adds even more comfort and another shade of pink, tying the whole room together.

If you’re liking what you see or you’re in Woodbridge looking for an interior design service, visit us in our Suffolk shop to browse our products and talk to one of our interior designers directly.

Get in touch with us today if you’d like to update the look and feel of your home.