Have I got carpet moth? A question that plays on many peoples mind, especially when owning wool carpet!

Carpet moth love wool and love dark places. If you’re worried about getting carpet moth then read on for tricks and tips on how to keep these pesky creatures away.

When you’re considering new carpet look for ‘moth resistant’ or ‘moth proof’ carpet. If you’re unsure you can always ask a member of staff. 

Moth proof carpet vs. Moth resistant carpet

Moth proof carpet will either have a plastic polymer covering the surface of the wool carpet which will mean the moth won’t recognise the carpet as wool so won’t eat it. Or, the wool will have had the creatinine removed which is actually the thing the moth like munching on! 

Moth resistant means the carpet has a pesticide in it, which means as the moth tries to eat it, it will consume the pesticide and then die.    

Both are popular and effective methods that the carpet industry stand by when selling wool carpet.

I have ruined carpet from moth. What can I do?

If your carpet looks something like this then you’ve been considered a nice home for moth to stay in! 

If you’re wanting your carpet to look as good as new, you might want to consider a carpet replacement! You can have your carpet uplifted, and around the perimeter of the room have moth killer sprayed around the edge. 

It will have to be left for 24 hours to settle and then your new moth proof or resistant carpet fitted.

All of which we at Barretts can help you with.

Read about our carpet fitting services, or visit us in-store if you have any questions at all.

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