As our lives get busier, our calendars more full with parties we don’t want to attend and our favourite TV programmes aired closer to bedtime than we’d like, a good night’s sleep is more important than it’s ever been. 

It’s not all about finding the mattress that feels the most like a marshmallow. It’s about finding a mattress that suits your sleeping style and preferences, as well as finding a mattress that performs well year-round.

The composition of your mattress dictates its performance. With years of experience working with the best bed and mattress manufacturers in Europe, we’ve found that mattresses filled with natural fillings such as wool and latex are your best bet when it comes to catching a few more Zs. Read on to find out why!


Natural fillings such as wool are naturally softer and more luxurious than manmade fibres and foams. Put it this way; you’d rather be laying on wool than on plastic. Wool also has a natural crimp to its fibres, meaning that it will bounce back after even the most powerful of power naps. Our latex mattresses by Dunlopillo also offer unrivalled elasticity, providing instant pressure relief and comfort.

Climate Control

One excellent quality of natural fibres is that they provide natural climate control. For example, wool fillings will wick away heat and moisture to keep you cool in the warmer months. In the winter, they retain heat to keep you nice and cosy.


Natural fillings are also much tougher than their manmade counterparts. As mentioned, they spring back to their original shape and can withstand much more pressure. A wool-filled mattress will feel better for much longer than a foam-topped mattress. Though a memory foam mattress may sound fabulous, unfortunately the only memory it’ll replay to you will be an uncomfortable dip moulded from the same position you sleep in every night. Don’t sacrifice your sleeping preferences for saving a few quid on your mattress. Investing in a quality, naturally-filled mattress will keep you comfortable for longer. 


Latex, wool and other natural fillings are all breathable. This means that they allow air to circulate through your mattress, keeping your mattress guarded against bacteria and other little nasties. Latex mattresses have anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial properties, protecting you from allergies and infections that may affect your sleep.


Wool is renewable, biodegradable, recyclable and can be produced organically. Much of the same can be said for latex. This material is renewable, organically produced and much more durable than manmade fibres and foams. This means you may replace your mattress half as quickly if you opt for natural fillings; a mattress takes up a lot of room at landfill!


Forget cloud-like comfort, sometimes your best night’s sleep stems from sound peace of mind. No mattress will keep you feeling as safe as a wool-filled mattress. Alongside its benefits in terms of hygiene, as mentioned above, wool is a naturally-flame resistant material, protecting you, your family and your home from the worst.

Now that you know why to go natural, the only thing stopping you from the sleep of your dreams is a visit to our showroom to try one of our many marvellous mattresses for yourself. Whether you want soft or firm, master bedroom or guest bedroom, your perfect naturally-filled mattress is waiting for you at Barretts of Woodbridge. Our Bed Month Sale is on from 29th February to 4th March 2020 and, on top of your savings, you can earn points for every penny you spend with our fantastic Reward Card scheme.