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Bokhara Rugs

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Style Bokhara A Rust 184 x 124 cm

We have a fine selection of brightly coloured, soft and silk Bokhara rugs of various sizes and colours.

Our hand-knotted Bokhara rugs, made mainly in Pakistan, use soft lustrous wool in the same tradition design and weaved as the original Bokhara rugs. The most common colour is red, and its softness in texture comes from repeatedly combed wool which is washed several times to give more a silkier feel to the rug

Pakistani Bokhara rugs make use of Ghiordes, a Turkish knot. They also feature traditional geometric patterns on solid background colors, which range from classical reds to gold and jewel tones. The texture is velvety and almost blanket-like. Bokhara rugs are part of the tradition and heritage in different parts of Pakistan such as Lahore, Hyderabad, Kashmir, and other areas of the region. If you love a blast of colors, the Pakistani Bokhara rugs with its 5-8 jewel-toned colors are the most suitable for you.

Type of knot: Senna
Life expectancy: 125 - 200 years