Barretts of Woodbridge

Kazak A Grade Rug 212 x 157 cm

£864.00 GBP

212 x 157 cm

Originating from the western area of the Caucasus populated by Armenian and nomadic Kurdish tribesmen, Kazak rugs should not be confused with the state of Kazakstan. Kazak rugs, like many Caucasian designs, are dominated by highly stylized floral motifs.

All Kazak rugs share an old, antiquity look to them regardless of their age. This look is given life through the rug’s heavy, dense, and tightly knotted structure. Kazak rugs are woven completely with wool while its wefts and warps incorporate cotton. Each rug consists of at least 100 knots per square inch.

The final product of a Kazak is one that looks incredibly polished and unique—no two rugs ever look the same. Of all Persian rugs, a Kazak takes a hefty amount of time to finish. For instance, a normal sized Kazak rug takes at least nine months to complete.

Paired with intricate designs, the rug’s overall feel and composition gives off a warm, cozy vibe in any capacity. A Kazak is best described as luxurious and soft, fitting into any household.