Orchard/Millennium Wireless Electric Adjustable Divan Set

£2,505.00 GBP

The ultimate in stylish and functional comfort, the Dunlopillo adjustable electric base is a fluid harmony of practicality, innovation and design.

The Orchid Mattress -With seven comfort zones developed to specially target your feet, hips, heels and spine, the Orchid offers the very best in unique Dunlopillo comfort. No matter your sleeping position, the Orchid will ensure that your spine is correctly aligned at all times, even adapting to your body as you move throughout the night. The innovative manufacturing process that goes into all our Dunlopillo mattresses works to provide a sleep experience that is truly unique.

The Millennium Mattress - The Millennium mattress features a generous layer of 100% pure Dunlopillo latex, which is structured in an open-cell design. This allows for better ventilation throughout the night, keeping both you and your mattress at a consistent and comfortable temperature. The Millennium mattress fabric is also treated with our Actipro™ technology, which eliminates unwanted allergens, unpleasant odours and reduces bacteria, providing a welcoming sleep experience.

Dunlopillo only use Latex.  Latex is a wonderful material derived from the sap of rubber trees, grown and managed in sustainable plantations.  Latex is one of the most eco-friendly mattress fillings.

 For more information please contact us or visit us in store. All Dunlopillo beds take approximately 3-6 weeks to manufacture.