Our green credentials are very important to us – we recycle all paper and cardboard, every single mattress that we dispose of is recycled (we partner with a company that comes and collects monthly so that the whole mattress, right down to the springs, gets recycled). 

We have solar panels on the roof; we try and source from the UK where possible (all our beds and sofas are manufactured in the UK).  Alstons, one of our sofa manufacturers, based just down the road in Colchester produce the “Oceana” range of sofas which has fabrics containing yarns made from recycled plastic bottles, sustainably sourced timber  frame and feet.

Customer service

We are super proud of our expert, friendly and local customer service.  We handle everything from first enquiry to delivery and installation ourselves in-house, including taking away the old bed or sofa etc, removing all packaging and rubbish.  We’ve received fabulous customer feedback about our lovely team, and being an independent business, our heads of department are able to order in exactly what our customers are asking for, rather than answering to “head office”.  We also handle the small number, but inevitable, service issues ourselves, ensuring tip top after sales service.  (No hanging on the telephone to head office on hold whilst someone who you’ve never met before tries to sort out a faulty chair!)