After walking past Barretts while shopping in Woodbridge, Suffolk, our customer decided to choose us for their new made-to-measure curtains and blinds after seeing our good range of products and services in our Soft Furnishings department.

Also, being able to offer a free home measure of windows, bespoke curtains and blinds, and expert installation on top of this, we were their one-stop shop for it all.

Requirements for Made-to-Measure Curtains & Blinds for Home in Woodbridge, Suffolk

Our customer was looking to replace some tired curtains in their bedroom, to add a Roman blind in their dining room and have a curtain installed behind the front door to help with draught exclusion and add privacy. The front door curtain also required a ceiling-fitted track to easily manoeuvre entering and exiting their home.

How the Soft Furnishings Team Helped

The Barretts team made sure to take the time to listen to our customer’s requirements for styling, so we achieved the best finish for their bespoke curtains and blinds.

“All the staff were very helpful and professional throughout, with meticulous attention to detail.”

Everything was carefully thought through from the fabric choice to the hanging of the curtains which are perfectly symmetrical with the triple pinch pleat header style.

“All have been made to a very high standard, the fit is perfect and I couldn’t be happier with the result.”

Featured Made-to-Measure Blinds & Curtains from Barretts

To aid the draught exclusion, the front door curtain was made from Morris & Co Fruit Fabric: 226447 featured in the Morris Craftsman Fabric Collection with an addition of a thermal lining. The classic fruit fabric complements the hallway colour palette, adding subtle pops with its Ivory/Teal colourway and texture with its triple pinch pleat.

A bendable track was required in order for the curtain to securely stack back on the right-hand wall and provide clearance for the front door. The bendable track was chosen in the colour chalk with a decorative end-cap finial; our expert fitter bent the track on site.

As the dining room window sits on the same wall as the front door, our customer wanted the fabrics to match so chose the Morris & Co Craftsman Fabric Collection | Fruit for the roman blind. This was created in a self-stack style to provide minimal coverage of the window when fully drawn-up in order to allow plenty of light into the room.

In keeping with the Morris & Co theme, the fabric used for the bedroom curtains was Morris & Co Lodden Fabric in Rose/Thyme colourways. Not only were they replaced to dress the windows, but also to provide additional insulation so this fabric was thermal lined.

The triple pinch pleat is perfectly symmetrical and the curtains were fitted to hang just below the windowsill to avoid touching the radiator underneath the window. Although the fabric is different, the natural style is continued through to the bedroom with more vibrant greens and reds, showcasing a truly artistic piece within the space.

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